The Wardrobe Essentials You Must Own

Today, we’re going to give you some important information which is the 5 wardrobe essentials you must own!

Trust me, with these 5 staples, you can easily pull off numbers of looks with no problems!

1. Black blazer

You can easily wear if for every season and occasion due to its versatility!

It makes you look like you’ve spent so much time in looking more professional and put together!  

By layering a black blazer over the dress, she looks professional and chic!

If you’re heading to some formal event or a meeting, just throw on a black blazer over a piece of dress like the above.

The black blazer will instantly add a sense of professionalism to you overall look.

For shoes, slip into a pair of black suede pumps.

Last but not least, carry a black tote bag and you’re ready to go!

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Alana Ruas
She created the semi casual look by layering a piece of black blazer over her t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans.

Besides, dressing up the blazer, you can also dress it down.

For this look, I’ll go for a usual casual look which is a slouchy pink shirt and a pair of distressed denim jeans.

Then, I’ll layer a piece of black blazer.

To finish off this look, I’ll suggest carry a black backpack and slip into a pair of white studded sneakers.

Now, you wont look too sloppy even tho you’re wearing a slouchy t-shirt!

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2. Black Jeans

I believe everyone has at least a pair of black denim. If you don’t own any of them, you HAVE to stock em up rn!

They are so versatile and you can style them as everyday staple!

Most important thing, you can’t go wrong with them! (Trust Me)

Vanessa Rodriguez
She paired a blue button down shirt with a pair of black jeans to work. Simple but stylish and professional!

Want to look put together but not over did for office or running for errands?

Pair a collar blouse with a pair of black jeans.

The collar will give you the smart casual look which is perfect for the office!

For shoes, instead of sticking with heels, why not slip into a pair of comfy yet stylish black loafers?

Lastly, complete this look by carrying a black studded handbag!

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She created the sporty and edgy look by simply pairing a black tee with a pair of black jeans. To add a splash of edge, she layered a piece of black bomber jacket!

Black jeans is also one of the perfect staple for creating the sporty and casual look.

First, all you need is pair your black shirt with your black jeans.

Then, layer a denim jacket to add a sense of edge.

For shoes, slip into a pair of pastel purple sneakers to mellow the look.

Last but not least, throw on a snapback and throw your hair in a pony tail.

Now, you look stylish yet practical.

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3. Slouchy White Tee

Who doesn’t love white slouchy t-shirt? Apparently NOT us!

We love em and we’re obsess with em!

They are not only super comfy but also super versatile as they look great with any type of bottoms and skirts, sometimes they look good even with dress!

Christinna Kuan
A white tee and a pair of patchwork jeans! BAAM style on point!

To create that casual yet effortless stylish look, all you need is a white slouchy tee and a pair of skinnies.

For bag, I’ve picked a leather backpack in the MUST have color which is “serenity”.

Lastly complete this look by slipping into a pair of slip in white sneakers and you’re off to go!

When you’re lazy, this look will be your best friend as you can finish styling within 3 minutes!

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Afraid of being too sexy? Just wear a white shirt underneath and you’ll get a cool look like her!

Aside from styling it with bottoms or skirts, this is another new way of styling!

Pair it with a black cami bodycon dress!

This not only create an interesting and stylish look it also act like a life safer for those who are not confident in sleeveless dress.

To create that edgy look, wear a piece of choker.

Then, slip into a pair of black high heel stilettos!

Complete this look by carrying a blue faux fur handbag and your runway look is complete!

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Andy Heart
She totally slays by wearing her white sneaker with her black top and monochrome pleated skirt!
4. White Sneakers

The perfect everyday piece which go well with anything ranging from boyfriend jeans to skirt!

With it, you can create that minimal, clean and crisp look!

You’ll be thinking how can you pair sneakers with dress?

Doesn’t they look weird together?

Today, I’m gonna proof you wrong! It’s been quite popular for matching a pair of sneakers with dress these recent years

For this look, I’ve picked a white shirt dress with black stripes on it.

Then, I’ll of course pair it with a pair of white sneakers.

Lastly, wear a white watch with world map print on it and carry a green shoulder bag!

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Modern Legacy
She created the clean and crisp look with all white statements including sneakers.

For the second sneaker look, i’ll pair it with a denim overall since sneakers can never go wrong with pants!

Instead of layer the overall on top of t-shirt, opt for crop top to add a splash of sexiness.

To complete this look, throw on a pair of white sneakers and carry a red shoulder bag!

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5. Sunglasses
The life saver when you have no makeup and of course protect our lovely eyes from the UV rays!
Caitlin Covington
A pair of cute shades can elevate your look instantly. Sometimes, a pair of shades can act as an accessory.

For the first look, you can style it for a cafe hopping day, running errands or even picnic.

For top, I’ve picked a white blouse with lace details, then I’ll pair it with a pair of denim shorts with floral embellishments.

For shoes, I’ve opted a pair of colorful heels.

Lastly, wear a pair of pink polygonal shades and carry a cute black shoulder bag with a pom pom keychain!

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Lyndsay Picardal
The rounded shades definitely make her entire look more interesting and cool!

For the second look, sunglasses can also add bonus to your outfit.

For this look, I’ve opted a floral romper.

To create that real kind of boho look, I’ll match it with a pair of gladiators.

Then, I’ll carry a brown shoulder bag with embellishments.

To add more boho vibes, wear a pair of brown rounded shades and BAAAM now you have it!

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Thats All For Today.

Have a great weekend and see ya on next week!

Whatever you look, Luulla has everything you need to make a style statement!

Stay Tune for More Fashion Tips

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