Tips for Selecting Good Product Pictures


Online world has overcome the geographic limitation in doing business. People can easily sell and buy things online. They can choose to sell using their own domain or sell in established marketplace. Although going online has overcome the geographic limitation, its actually affecting the other element in decision making process which is the product physical experience. Product physical experience is created subconsciously when consumer made a contact with the product using their senses. High number of choices and lack of product physical experience are leaving online sellers to compete in service and price point.

Brand image and advertisement play a crucial role to boost up any business performance as brand image is an implied tool which can positively change people’s buying behaviors and advertisement is behaving as a driving force for any business as it’s an effective source to convey your message and stay in customer’s mind. – Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior

Besides service and price point, image plays an important role in purchasing decision. It is crucial for sellers to convey their image and use product pictures in a correct way to get the attention from the mass internet users. Here are some tips for selecting good product pictures.

1. Model

The usage of model is important in product picture, especially for clothing products. Model will attract customers because they can imagine the look when they wear the product. You should choose the model that can convey the image that you want to communicate to the audience. For example, if you want to sell teenagers fashion, you should use teenager as a model for the product picture. If you don’t have model, use plain background to give emphasize on the product.


2. Angle

Angle also play important role for product picture. Take photos from different angle. Instead of trying to get one perfect shot on each angle, take a few pictures from the same angle so you can choose the picture that is suitable for your product later.

3. Lighting

Avoid pictures that are too bright or too dark. Picture that is too bright will cause the product color look very different from the original color while dark picture will make the product look dull. Set your lighting properly to get the best exposure of product when shooting indoor. For outdoor shooting, shoot on overcast day or on a normal day but at dusk to get the best result. These are examples of good indoor and outdoor photos shooting.

4. Quality

High quality product pictures can build trust in products and brand. Audience tend to associate picture quality with product quality. You might not be a professional product photographer but one grand rule for product picture: avoid blurry picture! Blur picture will make your product look messy and unattractive. Small picture also should not be used because this will affect the picture appearance when shared in social media.



In online business, picture serves an important role in catching the audience attention. Get the right picture, with the right price point and your online store will score! Please check the Buy page to see the popular products on Luulla.

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