Vaseline Beauty Tricks You Wish To Know Earlier

I believe everyone has at least one Vaseline lying in your house.

And let’s be real even though it is so important, it probably isn’t the first thing you will think of when you pack your make-up bag.

Today, I’ve compound a list on how useful Vaseline can be and I’m sure after reading further, you will wish to stumble these beauty tricks earlier!

Without further ado, lets go straight to the benefits.


1. A Substitute For Mascara


Eyes are the window to your souls, if you wish to have defined lashes without using mascara. Condition your eye lashes with a dab of Vaseline. The petroleum jelly not only leaves your lashes conditioned, but also helps your lashes grow! (Damn, this  is definitely the best of both worlds!)

2. Soothe Dry Heels


When the weather is cold and dry, our skin especially feet tend to be super dry and flakey. To solve this problem, slather a generous amount of Vaseline on your dry feet before go to bed. Then, throw on a pair of fuzzy socks and leave them on overnight. You’ll wake up with super soft skin that will look and feel like you just got a pedicure.

* Use the same trick for hands as well.

3. Prevent Perfume From Fading Away


If you wish to make your perfume stay longer, apply some Vaseline to the area hat you are going to spray your perfume such as wrist, neck or behind ears. This will let the fragrance last for longer.

4.  A Face Highlighter 


Vaseline is a super affordable alternative to shimmering highlighters. All you need to do is dab a little along the brow bones, lids, top of cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for a natural dewy look.

5. Create a DIY Body Luminizer



If you love to take OOTD photos, this beauty trick is going to make your legs, collarbone and skin glow and look amazing in the pictures. All you need to do is mix one part Vaseline with one part of your favourite liquid bronzer or highlighter. Then, spread the formula on your skin for a shiny, glowy look.

6. Prevent Scars From Forming

If you accidentally burn yourself while using a curling iron (which happen to me all the time), or cooking. Vaseline comes in handy, try applying a thin layer of Vaseline over the wound to minimise the chances of future scarring.

7. Use It As A Lip Balm. 


If you have been suffered from flaky and dry lips. Vaseline works extremely amazing as a super conditioning salve. All you need to do is wear Vaseline over night or just all the times and it’ll give you the softest lips ever. In addition, Vaseline can be a great primer under drying lipsticks.

8. Perfect Your Mani or Pedicure. 


For those who do your own mani or pedicure, this beauty trick s definitely your life safer. We tend to spread our nail polish outside our nails. In order to prevent this happen again, line your nails with Vaseline before you paint them as the jelly will create a barrier between the polish and your skin so that after you’ve painted your nails, you can wipe off the Vaseline and any polish mistakes along with it.

9. Keep Nail Polish Lids From Drying Shut


Apply a layer of Vaseline around the inside of the polish lid and twist firmly for super easy opening next time you use it.

10. Prevent manicure and pedicure mess 


I believe most of us tend to accidentally dropped our nail polish or painted our pillow case while doing our mani and pedi. With Vaseline, you can avoid this mess happen again. The next time when you decide to paint your nails, apply a thin layer of Vaseline along the edge of your bed or pillows to help catch any overflow polish.

11. Conceal The Annoying Split Ends


Split ends are every girls worst enemy, so for a quick shine and remedy to that, apply some petroleum jelly through your ends. And walaaa it will treat the damage ends and give you the instant smooth ends like you just got your haircut!

12. Protect Skin From Hair Dye


If you’re colouring your hair, it is quite easy to stain your forehead , around your ears and neck. To solve this problem, all you need is Vaseline!! Similar with the mani and pedicure tricks, the petroleum jelly creates a barrier and blocks the color from seeping into the skin. Hence, apply a little around your hairline first.

 13. The Best Hydrating Face Cream and Night Cream Ever 


Vaseline might not look as cosmetically elegant as your usual face creams, BUT Vaseline is definitely a great heavy duty moisturiser (don’t worry, it’s noncomedogenic) and works wonders on dehydrated skin in dry weather. Aside from this, you can always warm up some Vaseline and use it as the perfect alternate for a night cream. Trust me, you will get up with the softest skin just like babies.

14. Use It As A Make Up Remover


Vaseline comes in handy when you want to remove those stubborn makeup that isn’t just coming off.  Dip a cotton swab or cotton balls into Vaseline for a gentle way to erase budge-proof mascara, liner and even false lashes.

 15. Add Shine To Your Jewelry

Our jewelry or accessories tend to be dull after a certain times of wear. With Vaseline, it can add shine to the accessories and make them look as good as new ones.

16.  Make Wearing Earrings Easier 


Earrings can sometimes become a little pokey for our delicate earlobes. Just lubricate your lobes with some Vaseline and the earrings slip right through in effortlessly.

 17. Tame unruly fly-aways


Vaseline comes in handy when you want to tame unruly fly-aways. All you have to do is rub a pinch between your palms and smooth it over your strands. And say ciao to bad hair days!

18. Set straggly brows


If you have untamed brows, no worries, Vaseline is everything you need to have a perfect brows! Use a spoolie with a little bit of Vaseline to groom arches into place.


That’s all for today!

I believe by now you have fully understand how beneficial Vaseline is and how you can fully utilise it! 

Ciao and see you on our next blogpost!

XOXO watercolor





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