Yay! Its Monday!


Yes, it’s Monday. The first day to be productive after having that awesome weekend. You want an awesome Monday?¬†Wake up in the morning, look at the mirror, smile and say “Today gonna be an awesome day”. Get yourself motivated in the morning because it will affect your whole day. Now we proceed to the next things to do on Monday.

1. Make a special breakfast for yourself. You are important and you deserve to feel special in the morning. Our suggestion, rainbow pancake! Its simple and the colors will brighten your day. Get the recipe to make rainbow pancakes by clicking on the picture down here. This make me happy (and hungry!).



2. Breakfast done. You have fun on weekend and that does not mean you have stop there. You can bring the fun to Monday by wearing your best outfit and accessories to go out. If you don’t have new outfits or accessories, you can try to mix and match to add fun and fresh feeling to your style. Check out on how you can wear your black leggings in 10 different ways and ideas on how to stack your arm candy .



3. Learn something new. Off course it is good if you learn something new at school. But what we mean are things that you can do at home. Wear your sweatpants and learn new Yoga posture. You should start preparing now because its already Spring and you might surprise yourself in the Summer. Yes, we are talking about beaches and bikinis.


4. After investing some time for long term beauty, now you can do something for instant beauty! It’s Monday and it is a perfect day to change the color of your nails. Every girls know the feeling they get when the nail polish is perfectly applied. Now you can do your own flawless manicure by following the simple 5 nail tricks that we found here. Check it out!



5. After all that you have done, write it in a journal. This is to remind you that Monday can be really awesome if you really put your heart into it !


Extra tips, celebrate Monday like you celebrate Friday! Lets enjoy this iconic  Oscar 2014 selfie moment. Thanks Ellen for the awesome sense of humor. For Leonardo, please try again next year!


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  1. ddrealizer@hotmail.com'

    Wow, really awsome! I hate monday because there are too much work in the history i’m working for.
    The last tip is what i love most, we should celebrate every day in our short life.

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