Your Coachella Ultimate Checklist – Things You Should Never Forget to Bring

Lucky you, if you’re going to attend Coachella this April. If it’s your very first time, you probably have to start to figure out what to wear and pack by sifting through tons of blogs and festival’s FAQ, etc. If you haven’t already. Oh wait. You don’t because I’ve already did it all for you! Sweet deal, right? If you want some inspirations on how to wear for Coachella, check the 10 looks I’ve created here. Whilst, if you want to know what things to pack and would definitely give you a tad more comfortable in the scorching hot desert weather. Keep calm and check my checklist I’ve curated below. Trust me, you will be glad you found this checklist.

1. A handkerchief

Handkerchief is definitely a MUST and there are so many reasons you have to bring it. First, Coachella is held in a desert, and it’s dusty as hell. You will need this to cover your face when you walk from your car to the venue. Second, If you’re partying in the crowd, there’ll probably be someone nearby you that smoke “something”. If you’re sensitive to smoke like me, you will want a handkerchief to cover your face.

2. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen might sound obvious to you but it is extremely important! Don’t be a dumb-dumb and forget about this, you don’t want to get burn under the hot sun in a desert, don’t you?! Try to opt for a sunscreen with SPF 50 and higher. You can even get a waterproof sunscreen so you won’t be sweating your sunscreen off while you’re enjoying the music! P.S. Put it on before you arrive and remember to reapply.

3. Lip Balm with SPF

One of the tips in the Welcome Pack was that our lips will definitely burn. Hence, never ever forget chapstick if you don’t want to end up looking like a granny with cracked lips. P.S. try to opt those with SPF as well.

4. Comfortable Shoes 

I know you wan’t to look like an A-list on Coachella but never try to challenge your feet with some fancy shoes. They will NOT last you even half day of parting unless you’re going to stand still or sit there (which is not gonna happen). Go for something comfy, such as flip flops, sandals, flat boots or even sneakers. Trust me, you’ll still look chic if you get yourself the right pair. I’ve curated a few pair of chic and comfy shoes below.

Pom Pom Embellished Leather Lace-Up Sandals

Pom Pom Embellished Leather Lace-Up Sandals

$28.00 USD

Roman Lace-Up Gladiators

Roman Lace-Up Gladiators 

$35.00 USD

Leather Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals

$45.99 USD

Lace-Up Flip Flops

Lace-Up Flip Flops

$39.00 USD

5. A light jacket, sweater or hoodie

Yes, the weather is scorching hot on the morning and afternoon, but do remember you’re in a desert, and desert’s weather change drastically when it turns dark! Hence, a light jacket such as a bomber, or a sweater always comes in handy when the temperature drops to 50. Checkout the bomber jackets collection I’ve curated.

6. Cough drops or a few lozenges

I bet you’ll likely to forget this, but trust me this is everyone’s life safer as the air is really dry (duh! like I said, it’s a desert) and you’re probably going to sing along and screaming “Whooooo!” A LOT! Thus, keep that throat well lubricated!

7. Sunglasses 

When the sun is out, the polo field is going to be bright and nobody wants to spend the day squinting. Besides, sunglasses is the best way to elevate your Coachella look instantly. P.S. If you happen to lose your shades somewhere along the way. There are plenty of options to replace them at big box stores along Highway 111 in La Quinta. Within the Coachella compound, they tend to be more expensive.

8. Portable Phone Chargers 

Always prepare for the worse. I know the Welcome Pack does mentioned there will be numbers of charger points around Coachella, and we have the car too. However, I will still suggest you to bring your own portable phone charger. Not only it gives you the ease whenever you need to recharge your devices, it also saves your time in having to stand in the freaking long lines!

9. Hats

Scalp burn can be pretty nasty. So, bring a hat. Whether it is a baseball cap, or a wide-brimmed fashion statement, just make sure you got your head covered! P.S. I know floral crown is pretty for your Instagram but when it comes to blocking the sun, it does nothing. If you insist to wear flower crown, just make sure your bring your hat as a backup.

10. Face Wipes 

Not only it relieves you from the heat, but also gives you a boost of freshness after a day of wearing sunscreen, makeup and sweat! In addition, it also comes in handy if you want to cleanse your hand, face and feet.

11. Bring Empty Bottles

As you’re not allowed to bring in food or water, but you HAVE to stay hydrated. Nobody wants to get dehydrated especially you have paid so much for this music fest. Bring in an empty (non-metallic) bottle and fill in at the water fountains. You will regret if you don’t bring as it will get hot out there and the main thing you will want, but won’t want to pay for, is water!

Your Coachella Checklist - Water Bottle

“My Bottle” Water Bottle 

$6.00 USD


12. Bring Pain Relieve Patches

Your muscles or joints might be tired after a whole day of walking, moving and dancing and you might need some pain relieve patches for your sore muscles by the end of Coachella. If you’re a youngster,  this might not be a big problem for you. However, anyone who are over their 30’s take my advice, BRING IT!

13. Glow Sticks (Optional) 

Get yourself and friends some glowing sticks or something glow in the dark. This isn’t a necessary but it’s always fun to have this while dancing at night. Besides, it also gives your friends the ease to find you in the crowd.

14. A tall unique flag (Optional)

If you’re heading Coachella with a really large group of friends, a tall flag with some unique sign will definitely comes in handy! You and your friends can always find each other and don’t need a single worry of losing your friends in a crowd with 80 to 100,000 people.

15. Download Coachella’s App

Download the Coachella App for your phone. It’s super helpful and you can set alerts to remind you when your band is about to start playing. Bare in mind, don’t get too stressed out about trying to get to see all the bands. It’s impossible to catch every band so just pick your favourites. There’s always next year so cheers! 

****Things you can’t bring: Blankets, Pets, Big Bags, Professional Cameras, Lenses, Drugs, Boom Boxes (Why would you? lol), alcoholic beverages, a bad attitude!

That’s all for today!

I hope this guide comes in useful while you’re packing.


Enjoy the fullest in Coachella!

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